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Luxury, 100ml

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Coloring Creams Luxury Hair Colour

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Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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ONLINE ONLY New Salerm Vison

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New Salerm Vison

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Permanent Cream Haircolor

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Biokera Arganology - Serum strongly regenerating damaged hair, and their tips

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Serum strongly regenerating damaged hair, and their tips

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Crapy paper

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Crapy paper

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green 100pcs, (50*50cm)

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      High Definition Color System

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      Salerm Cosmetics launches an innovating new hair color concept, based on the latest advances in hair color

      technology, to obtain a non-mixing system, with highdefinition colors that stay sharper than ever before.

      HD Colors cares for and repairs hair like no other. This is thanks to the following:

      - Contains no ammonia or similar

      - Has a non-alkaline pH

      - Doesn’t require peroxide

      Full HD Color pigments

      HD hair color has been developed using High Definition Color System technology, based on the new high density Full HD pigments, which produce extremely sharp, high-resolution colors. These colors possess a resolution much greater than 300 dpi, which different studies establish as the human eyes limit of perception. This means that HD Colors possess a resolution that is greater than the human eye is able to perceive, resulting in pure, sharp colors with unbeatable definition.




      HD uses state-of-the-art technology based on magneticeffect hair color pigments. These pigments are physically

      drawn from the cuticle and anchored firmly within the hair’s most inner layers. Color results are immaculate and long-lasting.

      - High-definition, intense hair colors.

      - Last up to 45 washes.

      - Shine and softness.

      - Gentle on hair.


      HD Colors don’t contain ammonia (or substitutes), don’t have an alkaline pH or rely on peroxide which means they are extremely gentle on the hair. They also contain a conditioning polymer, derived from cellulose, that uses the same magnetic effect as the color pigments to adhere itself to the hair fiber and produce a repairing effect, drastically reducing frizz and making hair easier to comb and style afterwards.


      Intensity greater than oxidation hair color, because the direct color pigments used in HD Colors prevent the interference often experienced with oxidation color pigments (crossreactions).

      Maximum resolution. Its advanced formula with Full HD color pigments provides a resolution greater than the human eye is capable of perceiving, guarantying unbeatable definition.

      Protection of the hair structure. This hair color does not require ammonia, peroxide or other developers. It doesn’t contain parabens or PPD and this prevents itchiness or allergies in people with sensitive skin.

      Repair. Thanks to its repairing formula it conditions and hydrates the hair to leave it especially shiny.

      Durability greatly superior to any other direct hair color on the market, lasting up to 45 washes thanks to its magnetic effect which traps and maintains the color properties.

      Versatility. The colors can be mixed in any way imaginable to achieve any color at all, as well as the Clear color option which opens up an even greater spectrum of possibilities allowing you to create any color combination you can imagine.


      Step 1

      Apply to dry hair and comb or massage thoroughly

      Place the required amount in a plastic bowl.

      Apply to the hair taking special care not to stain the skin and work evenly to the ends.

      Step 2

      Exposure time: 30 min

      Room temperature: 30


      If heat is used time can be reduced to 20 – 25 mins. (preferably use foil or another technique to prevent the color from drying)

      Step 3

      Rinse or wash with (preferably) cold water and dry as usual.

      If any product stains remain on the skin wipe clean with HD Color Reset.

      Recommended product:

      Bitrat, Citric Balance range, to prolong color duration

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