ONLINE ONLY Luxury, 100ml

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Brand: Green light

Luxury, 100ml

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Coloring Creams Luxury Hair Colour

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New ONLINE ONLY Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml...

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Brand: Salerm

Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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ONLINE ONLY New Salerm Vison

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Brand: Salerm

New Salerm Vison

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Permanent Cream Haircolor

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ONLINE ONLY Biokera Arganology - Serum...

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Brand: Salerm

Biokera Arganology - Serum strongly regenerating damaged hair, and their tips

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Serum strongly regenerating damaged hair, and their tips

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ONLINE ONLY Color reverse - Dyed Hair...

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Brand: Salerm

Color reverse - Dyed Hair Remover

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Removes hair dyes

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      Radio Frequency

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      Decofrequency wireless device operates at a frequency - a new way to stretch the skin and reduce wrinkles around the eyes. For the first time in history, both men and women who want a youthful appearance may choose a procedure that does not require invasive surgery, chemicals, or pins and lasers. Our skin is composed of two layers, a visible outer layer called the epidermis and the deeper inner layer called Derma (real leather). The main structural component of the dermis is a protein called collagen, which gives the skin firmness. As we age the body produces less collagen which influences the formation of wrinkles and skin laxity. Decofrequency machine performed the procedure caused by subcutaneous layer of collagen and thus reduces the relaxation and skin wrinkles and rejuvenates the facial contours. Stretching the skin, the device uses the latest radio technology that allows you to choose precisely the area exposed to heat. Heating is caused by a natural biological reaction that stimulated collagen tension. This process, called denaturation, produces rezultalą whose effects smoother and brighter skin. During the normal procedure, the client is experiencing a short-term deep heating sensation is felt and the skin and subcutaneous layers. The heating sensation is a sign of the client that the collagen has reached the proper temperature strain. A master of precision is required to regulate the amount of energy received by the client in order to achieve optimal results. Before the procedure, the user may be a cooling gel stain in order to feel more comfortable. Visible results appear within 2 -6 months. After the treatment session. However, many have tried this procedure, the results felt much sooner. Decofrequency machine performed the procedure causes immediate collagen tension, with the additional tension over time. Results can be felt 24 to 36 months. or even more on the individual client prikalusomai aging speed. DEC48 accessory device is: n.1 handle face (AC0690), n.1 handle body (AC0691), n.1 cable (AC0661). SPECIFICATIONS Power Supply 230 V, 50-60 Hz Overall dimensions 29x24x35 CURRENT OUTPUT FREQUENCY 1 MHz Weight 3 Kg Fuses N ° 2 DA MAT 500 40 WATT Power Consumption Maximum output power 40 WATT
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