ONLINE ONLY Luxury, 100ml

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Luxury, 100ml

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Coloring Creams Luxury Hair Colour

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Brand: Salerm professional makeup


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Mascara that curves and lengthens lashes, visually multiplying them for immediate and intense black results.

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Comwell Gel Polish

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Professional gel polish

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New ONLINE ONLY Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml...

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Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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ONLINE ONLY New Salerm Vison

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New Salerm Vison

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Permanent Cream Haircolor

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Valera SP4 D RC Swiss Power 4ever hair dryer, 2400W

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Ultra-silent, powerful professional hairdryer. Ions generator, diffuser included, 3m cable, 2400W
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The ultra-durable, extremely powerful professional hairdryer, 2400 W. • Brushless digital BLDC-ENDURO-X motor • Ions generator • Smart Airflow Technology • SuperFlex cable 3 m with ROTOCORD • Ripple wire SECURITY heating element • 6 air flow/temperature settings • COLD air button • Removable metallic filter • 2 professional ultra-slim concentrator nozzles: TOUCH ME cool nozzle (7,5 cm), standard nozzle (6 cm) • Diffuser and pouch included • Ulta silent: 69 db(A) • Weight without cable 475 g ION GENERATOR The ion generator channels negative ions into the hair, which split the water droplets into smaller molecules thus reducing drying time. They also help to retain the natural moisture content of the hair for a smooth, glossy result. BLDC-ENDURO-X Extremely durable, highly efficient and now more lightweight. In BLDC motors, four powerful Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets replace the graphite carbon brushes used in conventional motors, which rub against the rotor and wear out. This guarantees a service life of up to 10,000 hours (5 times longer than AC motors), a lighter weight and the prevention of environmental pollution through carbon dust emission. Our new enhanced version, the BLDC-ENDURO-X motor, is even lighter than its predecessor. Backstop System The innovative, patent pending Backstop System prevents hair from getting caught in the ventilation group and blocking the motor. SECURITY heating element VALERA uses exclusively SECURITY ripple wire heating elements. The shape of the electric filament is directly formed on the mica card bearing. The assembling process is fully automatic in order to ensure an excellent stability. This superior type of heating element allows higher quality and safety, more constant distribution of the temperature of the air flow and ensures a longer life if compared with common spiral wire heating elements. SMART AIRFLOW TECHNOLOGY Maximum performance with minimal noise levels: Based on modern fluid dynamics simulation software, CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), VALERA’s Smart Airflow Technology optimizes the airflow, reducing friction and dispersion and increasing the compression effect. TOUCH ME cool nozzle An exclusive invention on the hairdryer market: the patented TOUCH ME styling nozzle. Thanks to its innovative Self-Cooling Double-Layer System it does not overheat. The nozzle can be touched and rotated in any direction during the use of the hairdryer. This allows the hair stylist more creativity. ROTOCORD swivel device The innovative swivel device is integrated in the power cords of our professional hairdryers. It prevents the cord from twisting and forming knots when using the hairdryer. ROTOCORD is a safe, super light, NEMKO tested and patented device.
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