ONLINE ONLY Luxury, 100ml

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Brand: Green light

Luxury, 100ml

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Coloring Creams Luxury Hair Colour

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New ONLINE ONLY Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml...

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Brand: Salerm

Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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Keratin shot shampoo, 10ml + Deep impact mask, 10ml

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ONLINE ONLY New Salerm Vison

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New Salerm Vison

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Permanent Cream Haircolor

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ONLINE ONLY Biokera Arganology - Serum...

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Brand: Salerm

Biokera Arganology - Serum strongly regenerating damaged hair, and their tips

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Serum strongly regenerating damaged hair, and their tips

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ONLINE ONLY TNT for waxing in pre-cut...

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TNT for waxing in pre-cut strips. 80 gr, 50 pcs

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TNT for waxing in pre-cut strips. 80 gr 50 pcs

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      Cuticle Nipper, nickel plated


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      Safe trimming of cuticle, individually sharpened and tested for precision, length: 100 mm. Finest personal care instruments of unparalleled quality and craftsmanship made in Solingen, Germany - the world renowned center of fine steel products. Considered to be some of the best in the world, this top quality Malteser instrument is just what you need for a perfect manicure. Top quality steel grooming instruments made with impeccable quality & craftsmanship in Solingen, Germany.

      These great "half jaw" Cuticle Nippers have very sharp cutting edges on extra fine blades, to ensure that you can get into the tightest spots and cut precisely just the length of the cuticle you're aiming for quickly and easily.

      Hand made out of the best quality raw materials, high-carbon steel used to make these great instruments contains some of the largest amounts of carbon. Produced by a special patented by Malteser steel production method this steel is virtually rust and stain free, and hypoallergenic, making these nippers some of the hardest and most durable steel tools. These instruments made of high-carbon steel remain sharp longer and hold up over a lifetime of sharpening and beyond. For a brighter, sparkling look these nippers were finished in a high, mirror-like high polished finish.

      Extra sharp hand-made and hand-detailed blades of these high quality cuticle nippers taper off to a slim, pointed tip to accurately and safely clean-up those hard-to-reach areas. The satin finish gives this very precise and accurate instrument a very pleasing-to-touch surface and a less surgical and intimidating appearance.
      These medium sized nail nippers are tough enough to cut tough nails, yet slim enough to get into the tiny spaces between the nail and the toes without causing any damage. In addition to relatively lightweight construction of these nippers, the very comfortable grip helps you work faster and more efficiently.

      For better cutting these nippers are made with a box joint. In comparison with cheaper nippers that are made with a lap joint, these nippers insure against the skewing and side-ways motion of the blades, especially when cutting tough, thick nails and exerting a lot of pressure. When a lap joint gets loose it may catch a nail in between the blades and "bend" it. Besides being painful and very uncomfortable, this is really bad for the nails. Box joint insures that the blades that are positioned directly opposite each other will remain perfectly aligned and provide a smooth, clean cut. Plus, with these nippers you would rarely need to exert a lot of pressure because the extra sharp blades will make it easy to cut nearly anything. If after a while you feel that you need to exert more and more pressure, it maybe time to get your nippers sharpened.

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