Make-Up brush set (10 pieces)

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brush set of high-quality synthetic filaments.


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1. Powder Brush
What it is: A professional powder brush with a supple, fluffy head for light coverage.
What it does: This brush features a supple, fluffy head made of natural, high-quality hair, allowing you to apply powders and powder foundations with the lightest touch possible. Its round shape holds powder and delivers the perfect amount to set makeup for a sheer, natural look.
How to use: Fill the brush with powder, then raise the top of the brush upwards and tap the base to remove excess powder. Apply using wide circular movements. Start in the center of the face on the forehead. Brush over the entire face from the center outwards and don’t forget the neck.

2. Blusher Brush
What it is: An angled brush for applying blushes and sun powders
What it does: Thanks to its angled shape, this brush is ideal for highlighting and contouring the hollows of the cheeks and cheekbones.
How to use: Fill the brush with blush or sun powder. Hold the brush with the longest bristles turned towards the outer part of the face. (The parts of the face to refine are the hollows of the cheeks, the upper temples and the jaw.) Start from the upper outer jawbone and follow the jawline inwards. Next, diffuse color on the upper temples with a back-and-forth motion. Finish the application along the jawline.

3. Foundation Brush
What it is: A large flat and rounded brush to quickly and evenly apply foundation.
What it does: This must-have brush is used to apply and blend all kinds of foundation quickly on large areas. Its large, rounded shape and straight bristles are ideal for a high coverage, even foundation result. It can be used with liquid and cream foundations.
How to use: Dot your favorite liquid or cream foundation through the center of the face and use the flat side of the brush to blend downward and outward.

4. Product name: Eyelash Brush
What it is: A spiral brush to separate the eyelashes or eyebrows.
What it does: This spiral brush is used to style eyebrows and correct their shape, as well as separate lashes before or after mascara application. It can also be used to spread mascara along the length of the lash, and wrap lashes after mascara application for a dramatic touch.
How to use: Sweep the bristle brush in an upward motion, up the length of your lashes. Do this on both the upper and lower lashes of each eye. This removes any small, flyaway lashes that are loose. Doing this helps your mascara from clumping during application.

5. Pro Brow Comb
What it is: A multitasking tool that grooms, combs, and defines the brows and lashes.
What it does: This two-in-one tool includes a natural, boar-bristle brush to groom eyebrows into place, blend in brow color, or easily prep for gels. The metal lash comb separates lashes to remove excess mascara and clumps for a beautiful, uniform look.
How to use: Use comb to separate and define lashes. Use the brush to groom brows into place.

6. Pro Smudge Brush
What it is: A brush that applies, builds, and blends eye makeup to create a range of beautiful results.
What it does: Create unlimited effects with this expertly designed brush, from classic shadow, to runway trends, and the smoky eye. The small head allows for total control of shadow placement and the densely packed, natural pony bristles pick up the perfect amount of pigment every time. The dome shape is ideal for smudging and diffusing color with total precision and you can even use this brush to apply brow products.
How to use: Press a clean brush over the hard edge of a liner, then sweep outwards to blend.

7. Classic Crease Shadow Brush
What it is: A slender, long-tipped brush for applying dark powder eye shadows in the crease of the eyelid.
What it does: Create a wide-eyed effect with this brush featuring a fine point and dome shape, which provide precision when applying eye shadows in the eye crease. It’s perfectly shaped to give depth to eyes and holds a large quantity of product for intense and rapid application. Use this tool for fading out a dark eye shadow that is already applied towards the browbone or blend for a halo effect on the lower eyelid.
How to use: Fill the brush with some medium to dark-colored eye shadow. Tap gently to remove any excess powder. Hold the brush upright and use only the tip; start at the inner crease of the eyelid and with a back-and-forth movement blend the color perfectly according to the desired intensity.

8. Medium Eye Shader Brush
What it is: A flat, tapered brush for all-over eye shadow application.
What it does: Ideal for applying cream eye shadows, this medium-sized brush allows for quick application and blending on the eyelid with moderate to intense color payoff. Its tapered end allows for precision and detail. Featuring straight fibers, it can be used with creams as well as loose and pressed powders.
How to use: Apply a small amount of cream shadow to the eyelid using the flat side of the brush.
Use the tapered end to blend.

9. Sponge eyeshadow brush
What it is: Rounded foam applicator to use with powder eyeshadows allows for smooth and seamless application.
What it does: The foam tip is used for applying eyeshadow also to soften the harsh light of the pencil giving a smouldering finish.
How to use: Dip brush into eye shadow. Using a patting motion, apply shadow to entire eyelid.

10. Eye Brow Brush
What it is: An angled precision brush for creating defined brows.
What it does: For brows that make a statement, Eye Brow Brush is angled for precision application that ensures you always achieve the sleekest, most defined brows.
How to use: Use it to fill in the thin brows with powder by using short strokes over your natural brow shape.

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